Working as a Counsellor

I have been working in schools with children and young people since 2004, most of this work has been with a charity called Carefree Kids.  I have played many roles and participated in humongous amounts of learning and hope that I went some way to giving some of that back.

Now I am ready to face the world as a self-employed Counsellor with more than my fair share of life experiences (at my age!) and tons of professional knowledge though to quote Socrates 'I know one thing: I know nothing.' What I mean by that is every person and every situation is individual, different in the way it is felt, reacted/responded to so there are no real measures.  What is easy to handle for one is difficult for another and no two situations are the same even if they appear to be on the outside.

Difference excites me and challenges me in ways that help me to grow both professionally and personally, I know some theory but after all theory is just another's thoughts and who is to say they were right. (Ok too deep perhaps).  What I am trying to say is I look forward to the new challenges and highs/lows of working as a self-employed Counsellor, whether that be with children, adolescents. adults including parents/carers and educational staff or others.

I like to work non-directively and solution focussed, with art or role play, with words or pictures, with adults or teenagers, through play or talk.  I believe in what I do and how I work, I want to be a professional real person!  I can do the academic but I like real-speak.  I love Irvin Yalom and feel he is real and that is where I keep my focus.

I believe relationship is the key and that damage caused in relationship can be healed in relationship even if the one offering the relationship is different to the person who hurt you.  I like to think I am pretty ok at this relationship stuff, I am boundaried but not closed off.  I follow the ethical guidelines set out by a professional body and am keen to ensure 'I cause harm to none.'

I like to think with others and have some tools that I can share but also am excited about collecting new tools.  If we all had the tool box I have gained through my work and study then I think the world would be a happier place.  I need to eat so I need to charge but I charge for my time only :-)