Who I am and some of what I do

The Work

Often times children and young people struggle to relate and learn because of a lack of security in their attachment to their significant carers.  Perhaps there has been a trauma experienced in the family or they are living in difficult circumstances  which makes survivng  an emotionally challenging task.  Through play and creativity I support parents or carers to re-discover the beauty of relationship which increases emotional literacy and their ability to thrive together.

Who am I?

My name is Renetta (Netty) Fake and I am a Child, Adolescent and Adult Counsellor. I am also an Attachment Play Specialist, a Mother to five grown up children and a Grandmother to one.  Having been a single parent I am very aware of the struggles and trials that parenting can throw at us. Through my training I managed to build better relationships with my children through playfulness.  I have worked in and with schools for 14 years with a few charities/organisations and feel that I have learned a lot from the school staff, parents and children I have worked with about the emotional needs that sometimes block the way to mental and emotional health. I believe I have gathered useful tools and information that makes the service I offer useful and life enhancing.

The Service

Parent-child Relationship facilitation – Weekly 50 minute sessions with a parent/carer , a child or (preferrably)both. Using the arts and creativity I facilitate a space for emotional connection that is healthy as well as fun.

Parent Support – Individual work or in groups (maximum of 6).  Creating a space where the challenges of parenting can be explored, new thinking can be allowed, andstrategies for encouraging better relationships can be sought.

Question and answer sessions – fortnightly sessions for any group of adults who would like to explore ways of finding better ways to emotionally support parents, children, young people or families.

Counselling sessions – weekly sessions for individuals of any age. 

If you are interested and would like to find out more (including discussing costs) please contact me by email RenettaFake@amind2play.uk .