What is the point of knowledge if not to share it?

I like to consider myself a tool gatherer with a good dose of common sense and some creativity to be able to adjust tools to fit.  What I mean by this is I like challenges and being able to play with ideas and then offering them out to others.

Knowledge is power and I feel if I had known even half of what I have learned through my profession when I became a parent then I would have been able to support myself and my children a whole lot more.  I was lucky because an opportunity came along that allowed me to get an education and that meant I learned a lot before my children were adults. I learned things like:

1. Often if a child is attention seeking it is because they are attention NEEDING!

2. Trauma experienced needs working through and re-enacting either through unconcious or concious means. Counselling (especially through play for children) can offer a good contained space for this to be worked through until it has become less of a mark on a persons life.

3. It's ok for an adult to apologise to a child. Adults don't lose anything but gain respect and trust and the child gains an important sense of being worthy and respected.

4. Doing for our children often highlights that which we missed out on in our own childhoods and it's good to find a space to talk about those things rather than holding the hurt and perhaps passing it on to our children.

5. Play is not just for children.  Blowing bubbles, dancing and being silly together is a fantastic fun way of connecting and calming down when tempers start to fray.

6. Finding time to be playful when we are busy and serious adults can seem impossible but trust me when I say it is so do-able.  You only need 15 minutes a day or a week to make a marked difference and I know this because I did this with my five when they were children and the life it changed was mine as well as theirs :-)

If you want to find out other stuff or have questions or comments about what I have written then please do get in touch :-)