Things you wished you had known before becoming a parent :0) Sharing with parents to be

Want to share your ideas about those things you wish you had known before becoming a parent and make a difference for future parents then read on


Working on my book for future parents with ideas from present parents as guidance. Got a list you might like to add? Can be anonymous or printed with your name so you can have your input acknowledged.

Here's a few things I have on my list :
Things I wish I had known before I became a Mother

1. You can’t spoil a baby! If a baby is crying then they need you, a new born does not have the mental capacity to wind you up or to punish you by crying. They are feeling something and need it to be soothed. Babies are born with the need for relationship and human touch; it is a primary need and not an attempt to deprive you of rest or sleep. Who’d have guessed?

2. The pre-frontal cortex, the part of the brain where we feel empathy for another and gain a feeling of the world being a safe place, develops according to the amount of nurture received, a baby who does not get enough love, care and safety does not develop a healthy pre-frontal cortex and lives in constant fear of not being cared for or, worse still, a constant fear of attack; there is much more to this and there are many books and lots of research to back this up. If you would like to find out more and don’t know where to start just ask me and I’ll point you towards some great texts which are easy to read.

3. Babies are NOT little adults; they cannot think the way we do and do not cry out for the sake of it, even a toddler or child, (or an adult who has not experienced safety in caring), who is acting out is crying out for attention they need.

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