Therapeutic play worker playfully plays!

I’m smashing the playdough, I’m smashing it good!

I’m mixing the colours and spreading it wide!

Next to dismantle the model she made, not how I wanted,

Just got to get it perfect, I’ll do an upgrade!

The paint sloozes over the paper’s crisp edge like treacle…

Or mustard or a sloppy smashed raw egg.

She’s watching me, pulling a face that makes me laugh inside,

I pour more blue paint out! Carefully watching her watching me.

It’s done now I made just the perfect blue mess,

It feels great, no sign of being expelled from this space!

She’s not like other people who tell me mess is a disgrace!

She isn’t a teacher, nor a parent, in fact…

Not like any other adult I ever have met!

No telling me off or guiding my play,

She just watches and does most everything that I say!

Sometimes when I talk I never felt heard,

But this woman repeats back to me my words.

I must be very special, I think, because she comes here to see me,

Nearly every single week!

I worked out my problems and scrubbed out the word ‘should’,

At 44 years of age I think that’s really quite good!