Something about Therapy

What makes the therapy I offer beneficial (in my opinion) ?

  • Having a place to be really heard. Often time’s people are too busy to take the time to listen to others.  Life gets in the way and questions are asked without the response being listened to.  Questions like ‘How are you?’ are superficial and a superficial response is required.
  • A confidential space to explore the challenges and joys that we all experience in life but sometimes get stuck in.  Thinking together but letting the speaker find their own answers rather than being given them. 
  • Therapy may be the only place to really experience self in relationship with another. hearing, feeling and thinking for one's self without fear of judgement.  Playfully finding a way to better ways of being in the world either with words or through creativity.
  • Through the relationship and shared information/knowledge new hope can bloom.
  • Learning to be in a therapeutic relationship can impact levels of self-awareness and make positive change to relationships outside of the therapy.
  • Being able to express overwhelming thoughts/feelings can start the healing process or at the very least allow opportunities for reflection and consideration.
  • Choices can be made about which behaviours might need to change; gained self-awareness.