Ramblings of the growing kind :-)

I am now a parent to 5 adult children, I am a Nanny to one 4 year old (if I had known being a Nanny was so much fun I woulda done that first!) Sometimes I feel very old and wise and sometimes I feel young and foolish but either way I love to be playful. I am passionate about sharing stuff I have learned and I love learning from others too. People are amazingly resilient and strong when they have to be and even when we break we grow from the broken places.
I never learned anything in my comfort zone, I only learned from stepping outside the box and listening to others with different views, values and life styles (amongst other things!).
Being playful in my work means I have seen true beauty as those I work with stretch themselves and embrace new experiences and learning. If you want to BE different you have to DO different :-)