Positive feedback


from Cindy O'Sullivan, Head of Primary, Samuel Rhodes School January 2016 about Counselling Sessions I provided at the school from April – December 2015.

“Netty quickly formed a trusting relationship with 2 boys who were experiencing a period of poor self-esteem and challenging life circumstances. Both boys were searching for their own voices and identities and were creating a lot of difficulties in their peer groups and classrooms. Both boys quickly came to look forward to their sessions with Netty, and in fact attendance on that day of the week improved for both. One boy started to come to me every morning and speak about the things which were bothering him. He checked every week that Netty would be coming and told me several times that he looked forward to their sessions: “I really like Netty and I like talking to her.” During the time that Netty was working with them both boys improved their social communication skills, their ability to express themselves and grew in confidence. I believe that Netty’s work played a significant role in their progress.”