Playfully and professionally me

Something about me

My proudest achievements are being a Mother, a Grandmother, a Child, Adolescent and Adult Counsellor and a Parent-Child Attachment Play Specialist.  All sounds very grand but I have no intentions of ever claiming to be an expert though I aspire to be a Professional.  I have been working therapeutically with adults and children for over 14 years, though longer if you count the raising of 5 children! I know some stuff and I recognise that this stuff is not readily available to everyone and I think that is a tad unfair.  I see my work as re-introducing the fun by sharing some of the knowledge I have gained that makes me passionate about people, relationships and life!

Play is so important for bringing joy into life, even when there is not much else in life to be joyful about.  Play also encourages healthy growth of the body, spirit and mind.  Adults are just as much in need of play as children are and I want to spread the word. Children can teach us so much if we just take time to be with them, they seek joy and find it in the small things, adults sometimes need to be reminded of the benefits of play.  Being playful is not always easy and for those who were not allowed to be so as children there can be a lot to gain and learn, this isn’t always fun and involves some hard work but having gone through the process (and being still on that journey) I can vouch for the value in it. I have improved self-esteem, better relationships with others and I laugh so much more.