Parents Like Us : Facilitated Parent Support Group


Parents Like Us is a parent support group with a difference.

 As a single parent I often found there was no-one to express my frustrations to except my children and that was not always appropriate.  Stress caused by lack of sleep, or the constant bickering of my 5 children could drive me to distraction but also there were times when I would have welcomed someone to share my child’s achievements or to question someone about different ways of handling challenges that being a parent often brought up for me.

My children are adults now and I have gained lots of ideas through my trainings to be a professional Therapist and I love to spend time with people sharing knowledge and ideas.

So, I decided to start a group and call it Parents Like Us where together we could share some stuff and create a space where parents could gain some helpful knowledge (I hope), support each other, be supported and have a cuppa.

I would like to be a facilitator but would hope the group would be one full of learning for all who attend through all who attend.  I am a strong believer that we all have something to teach and something to learn.  I am a Grand Mother now so I still have stuff to learn and the children I work with teach me much.

If this group sounds like something you would be interested in (Parents Like Us) Register your interest with Netty or call/text on 0773 130 3120 or send an email to  and you will be kept up to date as to where and when  groups will be running J