Parents Like Us : Child-led play session

I thought it would be fun to run a play session where the children give instruction to the parents! Also an opportunity for parents to find out more about me and the group I am pilotting with the hopes of expanding and growing in the very near future.

At the moment the group is running every Friday morning at The Bridge in Leabridge Library E10 7HU but I am in conversation with other venues too.

The group is starting with my ideas but I am hoping to create a therapeutic space where parents can share all their trials and tribulations as well as meet other parents, have a cuppa, be joyful too!  It is NOT a group where you will be told what to do and how to do it because there are enough groups like that!

The reason I am so keen to set this group up is that I found a group and met some amazing women 21 years ago and we meet regularly still even though our children are grown.  I could share all my thoughts, feelings, ideas, joys, frustrations about being a parent in this group and I am sure I don't know how I or my 5 children would have managed if I hadn't had that space to share with accepting, empathic and very different from me other Mummies.

What a gift I think and I would like to create something for other parents as I know how difficult, isolating, frustrating and lonely a job being a parent can be.

I know some stuff through my training and my experience but I am as keen to share and learn with others, and perhaps can give support when it is most needed, even if it is just to be an ear to listen to the joys parenting can bring!