Knowledge sharing is my way to play :-)

I am trying to organically grow a parenting group...although I have been a parent for 25 years...ooooh almost 26! I feel that I am not in such need of support now my children are adults and have flown the nest. I do believe I have learned a lot from courses that may have been useful to me had I learned it earlier but so as not to feel like these amazing tools and knowledge nuggets are wasted I thought I could start a parent support group, this would be for adults who would like access to info but cannot afford thousands of pounds for courses and possibly don't have the time either.
I cannot claim to 'know it all' but I can offer another mind 2 play with and if I can make suggestions or just be there to share my own experiences (having survived being a parent of 5 and have learned a thing or two along the way!) then I would get a buzz from it all!
I am starting in E17 as that is where I am based but if you could gather a few people together in an area I can travel to by London Transport then perhaps we could run one where you are.
I am open to suggestions and keen to share even if I do need to earn some pennies because we all need to eat I think a charge of £5 per person per session is mostly do-able but I am even open to discussion about that too!
If I have sparked your interest please do get in touch.