Just play!

One of the most beautiful gifts I have to offer is the prize I won when I learned to play with my children in a way that was non-directive and child-led.  We have so many priorities as a Parent but I find that PLAY is not given the importance that it needs to have.

Play is how children express themselves and I often find that adults too often lack the words they seek to explain thoughts and feelings, ideas and emotions.  This is because sometimes words just are not enough but also because the ability to express ourselves verbally is a skill that children often have not acquired just yet!

I build therapeutic relationships in my work, using creativity and play, all the time but nothing is so powerful as an attachment figure (parent, carer, teacher, social worker etc.) building that relationship with their child or children.  Allowing the child to express themselves and share their world with you is the greatest gift you can give or receive.  Oh to be seen and heard just as we are!

I am running a taster day in May (link below) but if you would like to learen something about therapeutic play beforehand I can recommend a few books and also an organisation where you could volunteer and be taught while you support children in schools.  Or you could just come along to my taster session and see what you think....never know it may change someone's life...maybe even yours!

Event link : https://www.facebook.com/events/184286408609092/

Recommended Reading : The Art of Relationship by Garry Landreth, Dibs in Search of Self by Virginia Axeline, Help there is a boy in the girls bathroom by Louis Sacher

N.E. London Charity : Carefree Kids (www.carefreekids.org)