I am writing a book!

I have procrastinated much on the writing of my book but finally things are underway :0) I aim to have a draft by May 2017 and am still looking for any pointers you members of the parent tribe have of the things you wished you had known before you became a parent. Act quickly as I would love to add as much in as possible. I am keen to publish your lists with your names if you are brave enough but can do so anonymously if you are not!

I am re-titling the book : Real Parenting: NOT fairytales

What do you think?

Recruit parents from a multitude of backgrounds including a range of cultures and ages. Gathering their top ideas and, joys and challenges about the things they wish they had known before they became parents.
Write and research some of those things identified to give more information.
Purpose of the book:
To share knowledge from our experiences with those who have yet to start their journey into parenthood.
Ensure others are more informed than we were.
Our experience and knowledge could be used as a learning tool for parents who are attending ante-natal classes, for young people who are not yet thinking of becoming parents but may do in the future, for new parents, for parents who are facing the challenges that we faced without such a tool and I am sure we may find others who might find our insights of great assistance even if it is just to highlight what they don’t want to do!
This book is NOT a manual or a HOW TO book but a feast of information that could inspire consideration of other ways of being and doing the parenting thing. We don’t know what we don’t know and I believe it would have been so useful to me personally, if such book had been handed to me before I became a parent.
I have acknowledged that a lot of the information I have been privy to has been because of my professional training. I believe it is a sin that those without the time/funds for the frivolity of higher education are denied access to knowledge that I have found priceless as I face the task of trying to be a ‘good enough’ parent. I would have loved to have had some insight into this enormous job that we get no training for and I suspect others might be interested to have the gift of sharing some of our ideas, thoughts and hard earned knowledge.