Are we all pain lovers?

I have seen several posts this morning that talk about the fact that we have to face pain to heal, I get that but surely that doesn't sell the benefits of counselling or therapeutic support does it?

Balance.....the journey through to brighter days and healthier thinking and functioning may involve pain but let's remind those who enter into therapy that the whole point is to move through the pain!

I don't mind having a wound cleaned and inspected and having to put up with the pain if I am reminded that there is healing afterwards.  Is this not the same for psychological or emotional wounds?

I had days where I would rather have been scooped up by a giant fictional bird and taken to faraway lands than go to my therapy sessions. BUT if that had happened then the process I have been through, that has been painful, enlightening, joyful, frustrating and much more besides, would not have happened. I am not 'fixed' and I still have unhelpful thoughts and suffer from the human condition of worrying and ruminating though I know it isn't the way to feel good, yet I am stronger and happier much more often than I was before I ever had any therapy.  

Having someone by your side as you travel through your journey to a less painful way of living and being is the gift that therapy offers. To be truthful I would love to have a therapist to talk to always and forever because who would't want someone who is always on your side and who really listens.  Unfortunately I have to live my own life!  I have found I am better at forming healthy relationships since I learned what it felt like to have one with my therapist.