A Uniform for me

Sometimes I am aware that to be taken seriously one has to dress for the occassion.  As a therapist who uses play I feel that my colourful attire suits me and says a lot about me as a person and a professional.  I am playful and authentic with a tad of a perchant for societies rules but a passion for being able to be me.

Most recently I went out to buy some sensible work shoes, plain black was the aim....this is not what I ended up buying because they are so not who I am as a professional or as a person.

Is there such a thing as brainism?  Do people really believe that you can tell someone's intellect according to the colour and price of the clothes they wear?  Are we really in the 21st Century?

Honestly I did not give my brain away with the afterbirth .... in fact I think my brain grew after each birth and that accounts for my passion for people, love and learning I am sure!

I ask my Supervisees what they think of my new addition to my outfit and am told 'they are so you and we love you just as you are!'

I work hard to let people show me who they are though we all make judgements as that is how we survive, judging for safety as well as for more mundane reasons!  Let me be colourfully me and I will do what I do best, be my best professional and personable self :0)