A rhyming poem by me about children and housework written when I had children and housework

12030318_10153754039640555_6353322849451777297_o.jpgHousework it is never done,
So go outside and have some fun!

Kicking a ball around in the park,
Running about, just having a lark!

Watching my children as they play,
Washing the floors makes a dull day.

Cleaning and tidying can be delayed,
Children growing can't be replayed!

So hurrying up and bustling about,
Can make you blind then you'll miss out!

Miss out on the joys that children bring,
As they hop and dance and shout and sing!

Childhood is a time to relish,
Soon grown up and then they'll vanish!10649721_10152982620600555_7136324130046727249_n.jpg